Real Cider & Perry

Real Cider is a long-established traditional drink which is produced naturally from apples and is neither carbonated nor pasteurised. However Real Cider, and its close relation Perry (which is made from pears) is often difficult to find. It is unfortunate that many of the most well known ciders and perries in the UK are cold, fizzy keg products which have been produced artificially rather than naturally.

It is well worth tracking down some real ciders and perries and more people are discovering for themselves how deliciously mellow, aromatic and intoxicating the flavours of naturally produced real cider and perry can be.

For pubs selling real cider in the area, see Local Pubs selling Real Cider or Perry.

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CAMRA has a formal Definition of Real Cider, and more information about cider can be found at

If you have any news, updates, corrections, or questions regarding real cider in the Reading area, please get in touch with our Cider Rep.

Local Cider and Perry makers

We have several producers of both cider and perry in the local area. In a similar vein to the LocAle initiative, Reading CAMRA promotes local ciders and perries that have been made within 30 miles of Reading. staticmap?size=400x300&path=fillcolor:0x00FF00|weight:1|color:0xFFFFFF|enc:mlv{Hdp{DpEonHxR_mHx_@_jHxl@ueHly@y_HzeAoxG|qA}oGr}A_fGxhBwzFnsBinFp}Bs`FbgC}qE|oCgbE`xCmqDl_D}_D`fDqmCzkDozBvpD{fBztDurA`xDc~@jzDii@v{DcTd|D?v{DbTjzDhi@`xDb~@ztDtrAxpDzfBxkDnzB`fDpmCl_D|_D`xClqD|oCfbEbgC|qEr}Br`FlsBhnFxhBvzFr}A~eG|qA|oGzeAnxGly@x_Hxl@teHx_@~iHxR~lHpEnnHqEnnHyR~lHy_@`jHyl@reHmy@x_H{eApxG}qAzoGs}A~eGyhBvzFmsBhnFs}Br`FcgC~qE}oCdbEaxClqDm_D|_DafDpmCykDnzBypDzfB{tDtrAaxDb~@kzDhi@w{DdTe|D?w{DeTkzDii@axDc~@{tDurAwpD{fB{kDozBafDqmCm_D}_DaxCmqD}oCebEcgC_rEq}Bs`FosBinFyhBwzFs}A_fG}qA{oG{eAqxGmy@y_Hyl@seHy_@ajHyR_mHqEonH&sensor=true

Look out for them and support your local cidermakers!

  • Bottle Jack Press - Made by locals at the Nags Head, very small scale operation. Made nothing in the 2012 season.
  • Ciderniks - Nik Edwards uses predominantly local apples in his cider.
  • Long Crendon - Cider has been made at Long Crendon Manor for a number of years using their own orchard apples for household and local consumption. Neighbouring XT brewery has recently taken an interest and now distributes Long Crendon cider alongside their beers.
  • Mr Whitehead's - A founding member of Swamp Donkey Cider, Angus Whitehead decided to expand and set up on his own in 2003. It is now a growing commercial venture with a range of ciders and perries
  • Orchard Cottage Cider Company - Toby Hitchcox and Sian Harris started making cider in 2010, and planted an orchard of 400 trees in the same year. They went commercial in 2013 and Hitchcox cider is made using both local dessert and culinary apples from Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, as well as cider apples from Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset and north Devon. They use no added sweeteners.
  • Pete's Pollock's - Pete Connor and Martin Pollock have been making cider in Guildford from local apples since 2009
  • Radnage Cider - John Scales is publican at the Crown, Radnage. His cider is a blend of locally sourced apples.
  • Red Dog - Mark Powell makes Red Dog cider in Benson, South Oxfordshire, starting with a 2012 commercial production of 1500 litres.
    • Benson, Oxfordshire

  • Salthill Cider - Greg Davies makes Salthill cider in Slough using 100% juice from unwanted apples in the local area.
  • Shiny Barrel Cider - Dave and Kay are based in Aldershot, and mature their ciders in oak barrels.
  • Tutts Clump - Tim Wale is rapidly growing his cider and perry business in Berkshire, using eating and cooking apples from within West Berkshire, and cider apples from Somerset and Gloucestershire.
  • Upton - The present 10 acre cider apple orchard was originally planted in 1970 to provide cider apples to make Blackthorn. Upton Cider Company was run by Robert and Val Fitchett until 2012, when Judy Mallett and her sons Ben and Rich took over the company.
  • Woodley Sider - Simon Vaughan started making small-scale cider in 2007, using apples from his own garden in Woodley.
  • Wyatt's - Rick makes cider and occasionally perry in his spare time from local fruit. It is now almost entirely bottled.


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